EACH Profile Guidelines

Rules and regulations for joining EACH

We reserve the right to remove/crop any photo and/or text we perceive to be outside these guidelines.

Profile photo

  1. Nothing pornographic, including images that contain:
  2. Sex acts or toys, real or mimicked (including groping and masturbation)
  3. Crotch shots, or visible genitals through clothing, i.e. contour or “tenting”
  4. Exposed genitals, buttocks, pubic hair, body fluids, or implied nudity
  5. No image used to advertise services (including massage), goods, websites, or apps.
  6. No images of firearms, weapons, drugs or drug paraphernalia.
  7. No copyrighted pictures or illustrations.
  8. No photos of anyone under the age of 18.
  9. No images impersonating another user, or non-EACH users, including celebrities.

Profile text

  1. No sexually explicit or overly suggestive text.
  2. No profanity or curse words, including abbreviations, masking and fill-ins.
  3. No text that incites racism, bigotry, hatred or physical harm of any kind.
  4. No advertising of services, goods, events, websites or apps.
  5. No mention of drugs other than caffeine, tobacco, or alcohol.
  6. No sexually explicit references or text that promotes unsafe sex.

Web Links

  1. We allow a link to a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account in the Social Link field.
  2. No other links of any kind will be allowed anywhere on the profile.
  3. Notice: Any violation of the above guidelines could result in a permanent ban from EACH.